A New Set of Scripture!

At The Doctrine of Christ conference in St George, Utah on March 18th & 19th, a new “Preserving the Restoration” set of scripture was presented. It’s fantastic and I plan to and do support it! I can hardly wait for my set to arrive on Thursday.

However, these new scriptures will catch attention from every quarter, the level of opposition to this movement is about to hit new yet unseen heights!

Below is the link to the announcement.


Below is a link to the electronic draft version awaiting any changes.


This is a statement made during the conference, I thought it should be added to my post here.

 “Saturday Doctrine of Christ Conference Session March 18, 2017

St. George, Utah is surrounded by some of the planet’s most stunning red rock formations. Whatever human events may have previously transpired in this geographic area, it will now be imprinted and overwritten by this Doctrine of Christ conference: overwritten by our individual sacrifices to be here together, and imprinted by our united prayers and petitions to bring again Zion upon this earth.

Improvement and progression are one eternal round. This is the “pre-existence” for the next round. The war in heaven continues on earth today. We must eventually choose sides. There are only two teams, two churches, two ways.

In order to continue to progress each of us must struggle past all of the clever counterfeits of this world and turn ourselves towards the signal which radiates from the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And then, we must declare our allegiance to that Great Eternal Plan of Progression – by our actions and by our words.

This Southern Utah area will now be known as the place where, at the Spring Equinox of 2017, light actually did begin to overtake darkness: it will be remembered and spoken of by future generations as a place where people who chose Christ’s plan over all other plans assembled in fellowship to hear the pure, clear, uncontaminated word of God presented.

Despite our small numbers, this Doctrine of Christ Conference is no small event, and you are not here by accident.

At every step of our soul’s progression we have had to act independently upon each increment of truth as it has been presented to us in order to move forward. Action now is imperative.

Since the beginning, we all watched Christ: He was the brave one who went first and led out – showing us how it was done. How it is done. We love Him because He first loved us. He has been with us since the foundation of our family, guiding us along at every step of the way. He still is.

We can trust Him. By The Atonement, He has proven this to us. As we are, He has been.

As He is, we may become by following Him. The Doctrine of Christ, in 3 Nephi, is how we follow Him now.

But because of the utter simplicity of the way, some will not act, and will not move forward.

Many of you, gathered here today, have again acted upon your desire to continue to follow Christ.

Dear friends, family, and loved ones, continue to be wise in the days of your mortal probation, and actively choose The Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity for choice, no matter what it may cost you. As you do so, may God bless you full to overflowing in your soul’s journey up Jacob’s Ladder. With our love, in the name of Jesus Christ,

The Doctrine of Christ Conference Organizing Committee, speakers, and participants Spring 2017.”